Trip Info

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WHERE: Everywhere? Or at least to most of the lower 48. It will be a big loop starting in central California and going clockwise. The first leg of the trip is up the west coast: Santa Cruz, Oakland (for Katy’s wedding), up the Pacific Coast Highway to Eureka, then over to Eugene, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver Island. I know, Vancouver Island is not part of America… but it IS where our fabulous friends Maylee & Noah of the great Tower of Dudes live.

WHAT: Living (and traveling) by our wits and making this Vintage Road Trip pay for itself! Exploring America one garage sale at a time… and reselling our finds on ebay to fill our gas tank and bellies. But, we’re even more resourceful and talented than that! The plan is to network and meet kindred individuals who are in need of a bike tune-up, a pet door installation, oil change, hula-hoop lesson, or about a thousand other things we’re capable of. But this ain’t no hobo show… we’re just two hard-working, creative, vintage design-oriented people who believe in our ability to make this (delightfully comfortable) adventure happen.

Something borrowed, Something blue...

WHEN: End of July until the end of September, if all goes according to plan. The trip is book-ended by two weddings. John’s good friend Katy is getting married in Oakland, which kicks off our trip, and then our friends Alana & Kevin are getting married in Fresno, which will be something to look forward to upon our return! And, actually (keeping with the theme of this blog) John’s helping Alana & Kevin sort out 24 fantastic vintage chairs from his personal archive for their wedding. (see photo)

WHY: Because it’s the perfect time! We’re (sort of) young and don’t have kids. And a massive American road trip is one of those things one wants to get checked off one’s To Do List, right?


14 responses

  1. Wow! You are both amazing…..I love this blog; this is so neat; you both look so cute……Sarah, you are so beautiful…..I’ll be praying for you both!

  2. So AMAZING!!!! Cant wait to live thru you LOL Our prayers are with you and have the time of your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Did you get any information about G-ma Morris’ Shaw relatives in Iowa and San Machal(?) NM where Great G-mas father was a doctor? I’ll work on that. xo Dad

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